A new public space, connecting visitors with Lyall Bay's unique landscape.

Huetepara Park will be a fun and functional space at the eastern end of Lyall Bay beach.

This new space will offer shelter from the wind, much needed public toilets, fun for all ages, and picnic spots to watch the waves roll in. It’s going to be a place for all – come as you are.

Funding from WCC parks has been committed and work is starting this year. Huetepara Park has also been voted into the council's long term plan, meaning $300k of funding over the first 3 years and another $1m out to 10 years.

You can support Huetepara Park by leaving a comment on the WCC's Long Term Plan website (hit the blue "Register now" button to get started). Every statement of support tells our councillors how important this is to our community, even a simple; “I support the Huetepara/ Lyall Bay Park Project”.

The draft concept


A mixture of flexible-use spaces, walking and skating tracks, green spaces and nature play spaces means Huetepara Park will be a great fit for all ages and stages.


A kiosk supported with toilets, a viewing platform, bike racks, handily positioned next to a car park will make Huetepara Park a highly functional space.


A raised platform creates access to the park without disrupting delicate flora and gives visitors a better view of the jewel of Lyall Bay; the surf beach.

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