Turning a sunny, sheltered, and unused area into a space for everyone.

A draft plan has been developed by a group of local volunteers under the guiding eye of Etch Architects.

Check out the plan below, or download as a pdf. Together we have come up with some good ideas and we're now working closely with the Wellington City Council to make our concept a reality.

The concept

Click the plan above to enlarge.


The east side of Lyall Bay beach has few amenities for the public despite it being highly utilised. It also has poorly used green spaces that could accomodate activities and facilities that would greatly improve the amenity of Lyall Bay beach.

Activity spaces

There is an opportunity to add activity spaces for every age and interest. We have identified that a pump track and a mini skate park are activities that would broadly appeal to a younger generation, plus we're eyeing up opportunities for calisthenic exercise and nature play for younger children.

Rest spaces

There is an opportunity to provide a viewing platform that provides a panoramic view of the beach, and an ideal vantage point to observe the waves that break in this corner of the beach. Also, picnic tables could be provided in an area where shelter, sun, and view are present.


A well designed kiosk would provide the opportunity for a small, local business to offer key items for diverse beach users (i.e.coffee, ice-cream, etc). Income generated from the lease could also be used for the continued maintenance of the adjacent areas.


From the east end of Lyall Bay, a beach-goer is currently required to walk 900m to the first public toilets. The outdoor shower at the east end of the beach is located directly in front of the Spruce Goose Cafe. Because of this exposed location, the use of the shower is limited and could be considered as an 'uncomfortable' experience by some.


The existing footpath along this part of the beach is sometimes difficult to walk through as the sand and planting obstruct the path. Also, the view to the beach and ocean from footpaths either side of the road is limited by sand dunes and parked cars. An elevated walkway would create a dynamic connection between visitors and activities proposed at Huetepara Park.