Turning a sunny, sheltered, and unused area into a space for everyone.

A draft plan has been developed by a group of local volunteers under the guiding eye of Etch Architects.

Check out the plan below, or download as a pdf.

Together we have come up with some good ideas and we're now working closely with the Wellington City Council to make our concept a reality.

As a Community we have come up with some great ideas and now we are  working closely with the Wellington City Council to make our concept a reality. The total build cost has been estimated at around $4 million. The Council has committed $1.3 million of that, enabling us to plan out the build of the park in three stages starting in 2023.

The Concept

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The east side of Lyall Bay beach has few amenities for the public despite it being highly utilised. It also has poorly used green spaces that could accomodate activities and facilities that would greatly improve the amenity of Lyall Bay beach.

Stage 1

With Council funding we will lay out the core bones of the park and create an active space for people of all ages to enjoy. Stage 1 will see us establish the site, install toilet and shower facilities, create a pump track, nature play space and build a new skate half-pipe. Picnic tables will be added for those who want to relax and share a meal, with space provided for a food truck to offer up local fare.

Stage 2

The two most visually impressive, and expensive, park features are planned for the second build stage. The first is a viewing platform that would provides a panoramic view of the beach, and - an ideal vantage point to observe the waves that break in this corner of the beach and watch the planes come and go. The platform, complete with access ramp, would offer another wind-sheltered picnic area and is destined to be a major Lyall Bay attraction. In addition, we plan to build an elevated walkway running across the roadside of the park, which would offer further sea views and create a dynamic connection between visitors and the activities already established at Huetepara Park.

Stage 3

The final additions to Huetepara Park are intended to be storage space for wellington surf groups and a Changing Spaces facility – a highly specialised toilet and changing room for people who are differently abled.  Changing Spaces facilities include a hoist for assisting users in wheelchairs, electric changing platform, adjustable basins & a lot of space for those that need assistance.


The existing footpath along this part of the beach is sometimes difficult to walk through as the sand and planting obstruct the path. Also, the view to the beach and ocean from footpaths either side of the road is limited by sand dunes and parked cars. An elevated walkway would create a dynamic connection between visitors and activities proposed at Huetepara Park.